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Weekly Healing Service talks, Welcome Home Initiative Closing Ceremony talks, as well as other talks, are all accessible here.

Journey to the Cross

Meditating on the events of Jesus’ final days and his resurrection can be profound. The challenge for most of us is shutting out the noise and distractions of everyday life long enough to quiet our souls and listen to the Spirit of God.  You are invited to set aside an hour in your busy life to quiet your soul and participate in this series of 13 meditations that follow Jesus as he makes his way to the Cross.  Each reflection includes a period of quiet at the end for you to pray, meditate, journal, draw…whatever your heart leads you to do.  Simply hit pause if you need more time or slide ahead if you want to move on.  It is our prayer that this experience will draw you closer to Jesus this Holy Week.

2020 Healing Service Talks