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2024 Attending to the Soul Media

Deepening our Faith Journey

February 29- March 2, 2024
Session one:

Surrender and Responding to Mercy

Led by Sonya Reeder

Session two:

Lament and Re-engaging with Hope

Led by Joey De Graffenried

Session three:

Humility and Remembering Love

Led By Sonya Reeder

Session four:

Desire and Recognizing Motives

Led by Joey De Graffenried

God cares about Holiness and He is always working to shape us into being more like His son.  Like a potter, He leans into us and leans over us as He molds us into the shape He so desires.  Like a patient artisan, He pinches, trims, and squeezes us into the shape He longs to see.  Therefore, we must be willing to examine our hearts to name elements in our lives that resist His shaping of us. 

Attending to our soul is necessary as we seek God’s renewal and transformation in our lives.  As we learn to pay attention to our soul we will become more aware of what lies underneath the energy that promotes sin, yet also awakens our longing and desire for more.  Join us as we look into our own soul, not to self promote, but rather to promote spiritual formation that reflects more of the life of Christ in our lives.