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Facilitated Activities

Our facilitated activities utilize our beautiful property and allow our guests to enjoy the outdoors while having fun! These activities include: 

Archery  archery min

Our archery course include both compound and recurve bows, as well as four targets paired with double stands, allowing 8 people to shoot at once. We can facilitate archery for groups of up to 30 people.  

ropes High Ropes

 At Christ the King, our high ropes course includes a 900 foot double zip   line, giant’s ladder, giant swing, rock wall (with several climbing options),   and other challenge elements, such as catwalk.

Bubble Ballsbubbleballweb

Another fun activity we are able to offer is Bubble Ball! Manuvering while inside a giant plastic ball, participants must complete a goal while trying to stay upright. Games played with bubble balls include soccer, sharks and minnows, and more!

archerytag Archery Tag

 Played similar to laser tag, where participants avoid being hit,  archery tag   consists of easy-draw bows, paired with light arrows that feature a   cushion on the end. Blow-up blockades provide space to hide from   opponents and increase the excitement of the game. 


Campfire campfire

No, don't worry, we won't stick around to tell you how to toast your marshmallows! Adding a campfire to your visit allows us to prepare the fire for you and ensure that it is safely out at the end of your evening. This way, you can spend your time relaxing by the fire and enjoy the company of your group (and maybe a few s'mores)!


For more information, or to book any of these activities, please contact Danny Hyde.
(518) 692.9550 ext. 114
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.