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Day By Day Youth Videos

Many of us are cooped up inside during this global pandemic, but that doesn't need to stop our community in Christ from connecting with each other. Our Beaver Cross team are producing videos Monday-Friday. The videos are targeted for youth, but any age can join in on the fun. Each video shares a daily scripture and a fun activity to try out at home. The videos can be found below, on our Facebook, or our YouTube page. 

Fire Breathers

Clothespin Puppets

Oat My Goodness


Salt Dough Creations

Easter Eggs

Homemade Ice Cream

DIY Lit Lava Lamp

Danny Eats Worms

Make Your Own Worms

DIY Paper Airplane Launcher

DIY Mini Golf Course

Crazy Dance Moves

We Shave Danny's Head

Catapult Love In Action

Be Sweet Like Rock Candy

Skits & Sabbath

Paul & Play

Courts & Forts

Real Treasure

Lions & Brownies

Sock It To Boredom

Yoga In Our New Flexible Time

Awkward Picnic With Jesus

Oragami & Trusting God

S'mores & Jesus


  • Spiritual Formation Webinar

    June 6, 2020  |  2:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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  • Spiritual Formation Seminar

    September 19, 2020  |  9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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  • Weekly Events

    Our weekly services & youth groups have been cancelled until further notice, due to restrictions set by the CDC. Please contact us with any questions at:
    (518) 692.9550. 

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  • Stay Connected

    During this time when we are unable to be together, we encourage you to stay connected through any of our outreach videos. For more information, click here

  • Update from the Executive Director

    Please click here for the latest update from Christ the King, regarding our response to the COVID-19 situation.


  • Day By Day

    Day By Day is a new video series we are offering. Our Beaver Cross team members Danny and Kait are adding videos Monday-Friday while youth groups, and other gatherings, are post-poned.

    The videos consist of a scripture, a message, and a fun activity that can be done at home.

    At times they touch on current events, but the content is always Christ-centered, hopeful, and uplifting. The Beaver Cross youtube account is: Click Here

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