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Tree of Life Seminar

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Tree of Life Seminar

Tuesdays in February  | Noon - 2:00 p.m.

Tree of Life Seminar: Prayer of the Heart, the Love of Holy Wisdom

with The Rev. Dr. Ellen Neufeld

Tuesdays in February a Tree of Life for those who grasp Her
~Proverbs 3:18

This seminar is for anyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God by growing into a deeper experience of prayer. The Heart is the deep place within us where we find the presence of God and our true selves in Him. We will explore together the simple ways in which this encounter becomes real. God wants this relationship with all His people – you do not need to be a special “mystic” or have unusual experiences. The Holy Spirit will teach us as we listen to Him.

Each session will include:

Presentation of material
Presentation, direction and practice of prayer of the heartOpportunity for healing of the heart
Time for personal prayer of the Heart

February 7  The Nature of the Heart as the gateway to the Spirit   
      The Three Spiritual Attributes:  Righteousness,  Communion,  Wisdom
      Prayer of the Heart
 February 14  The Scriptural Nature of Wisdom
      Old Testament
      New Testament
February 21 Healing of the Heart: making room for Wisdom
     The Root of Pride and the medicine of Humility
      Be the Adoration
February 28 Listening to the Holy Spirit in/through the Heart
     Discussion   (some healing prayer)
     Practice of Prayer of the Heart

Tuesdays - February 7, 14, 21 & 28 at 12 pm
4-week class includes lunch and program - $100