Low Ropes Challenge Course


Low Challenge is a low ropes course designed to challenge you individually as well as a group. The Low Challenge elements set 1 ½ feet off the ground.


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Check Out Our Low Ropes Elements!

  • Whale Watch—Moving back and forth, try to balance the situation out.
  • Spider’s Web—You'll only have a few chances to get through. Oh, and be careful not to wake the sleeping spider!
  • Deluxe Mohawk Walk—These elements can either be used as one continuous challenge walk or as individual challenges.
    • Two Line Bridge—With only a rope to hold onto how far can you go?
    • Single- and Multi-Line Traverses—Can you walk a cable?
    • Tire Swings—Swing yourself from one tire to the next!
    • Rope Swings—Try to get from platform to platform with using only the ropes.
    • Wild Woozy—With only two of you to make your way across, support each other by stretching the farthest.
  • Spider Wall—Make your way around the wall to looking like a creepy crawler.






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