High Ropes Challenge Course

Navigating the many elements of the High Challenge Course involves teamwork, communication, problem solving and encouragement. Certified Instructors work with youth and adult groups to tailor a challenging program suitable to ages, abilities and goals.  Watch your group members develop trust in themselves and each other as they tackle each course element! The High Challenge Course elements reach heights of up to 45 feet.

No matter what your skill or thrill level is, there is a challenge waiting for you!


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Check Out Our High Ropes Elements!

  • Zip Line—One thousand feet of pure fun! One of the longest zip lines in Northeast.
  • Giant Swing— A swinging sensation! Go to the top...or not - it's up to you!
  • Rock Wall—Several rock faces at varying skill levels.
  • Giant’s Ladder—With Giants in the land it takes two to get up this ladder.
  • Eagle’s Bridge—Set high on the course is where you will spread your arms out and test your balance!
  • Catwalk—Walking on a giant log is a catwalk: or is it?
  • Heebie-Jeebie—Think you have what it takes? Take a walk on the wobbliest element of them all!
  • Leap of Faith–-With just a goal to reach and nothing below, you will have to trust and just jump.