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Spiritual Formation Webinar: Learning to Trust Emptiness, Thirst & Unmet Longing

Spiritual Formation June 2020 Banner

Spiritual Formation Webinar

June 6, 2020  |  2:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The third in a four-part series with

Dr. Brian Fast, CCAHope


Christ the King Center welcomes back Dr. Brian Fast for a reprise of his popular Spiritual Formation Series.  This third in a series of four, entitled Learning to Trust Emptiness, Thirst and Unmet Longing covers the following:

  • Another way to understand spiritual formation is as the discipline of detaching ourselves from everything but God as a source of soul satisfaction in order to attach ourselves in more settled fashion to Him alone. We will look to Scripture and authors such as Ignatius Loyola and C.S. Lewis for help turning from idolatry toward worship.
  • The above has special implications for spiritual leaders who are often vulnerable to putting more energy into loving the church or their ministry than they do their spouses or closest family and friends. But this can change. The ultimate success of our ministry will be in direct proportion to the intimacy (health) of our closest relationships (intentional repeat), including the one with God the Father.
  • As we let go of our idols and addictions, we learn to trust the painful experiences of longing, emptiness and ache in our souls as indications something good is happening inside and not that something is wrong (Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, St. John of the Cross). Attention will be given to personal application.