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Behold, He Comes! Lecture Outline

Lecture 1 - Preaching Advent
Origins and Meaning of Advent
Cyril of Alexandria & Bernard of Clairvaux on the multiple comings of Christ
Using the Lectionary in Advent
Preaching strategies

Lecture 2 - Preaching Isaiah - prophetic expectation
What is prophecy? The “longer shelf life” of prophecy
   Isaiah 2:1-5
   Isaiah 11:1-10
   Isaiah 35:1-10
   Isaiah 7:10-16

Optional: Greek Translation and Exegesis 

Lecture 3 - Preaching the Second Coming
Exegesis: Matthew 1:18-25
   The Second Coming - Matthew 25:31, Acts 1:11, 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Hebrews 9:28
   (On the Rapture)
   End Time thinking (Eschatology) - between the already and not yet
   Is Judgment Good News or Bad News?

Lecture 4 - Preaching about John the Baptist
Exegesis: Matthew 3:1-12 & Matthew 11:2-11
   Historical background on John the Baptist
   Testimony of Josephus
   Likely background in the Dead Sea Community at Qumran - why it is important?
   Joseph Fitzmyer, The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins, pp.18-21
   John as the “coming” of Elijah - Malachi 4:5
   John as the hinge between the Old and New Covenants

Lecture 5 - Preaching the Virgin Birth
Exegesis: Matthew 1:18-25
   The Nature of Miracle
   Pastoral issue - Demythologize - or not?
   Karl Barth - “The Miracle of Christmas”
   N.T. Wright - “Suspending scepticism: History and the Virgin Birth”
   The role of Mary in the story of Salvation
   Luke’s theology of Mary as the New Ark (Luke 1:39-45 & 2 Samuel 6:1-15)
   Joseph as a Righteous Man
   “God with Us” - Incarnation