Christ the King After School Program



Our After School Program is available for students of the Greenwich Central School system in grades K-8. We offer quality, Christian programming from 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. daily making use of our 600+ acres at Christ the King. 


An afternoon with our After School Program:

  • 3:00 Pick-up
    • Children are dropped off by the school district at the Burton Rd. entrance of Christ the King by a Greenwich school bus, and we pick them up and bring them up to the Infirmary/ Beaver Cross Office building at Christ the King.
  • 3:05 Bathroom/Hand washing
  • 3:15 Snack Time & Bible Study
  • 3:30 Homework (for kids with homework) Begin daily activity (for kids without homework)
    • – see month calendar for specific activity.
  • 4:30 Free play
    •  indoor/outdoor play, board games, cards, crafts, circle games etc.
  • 5:00 - 5:30 Parent Pick-up
    • Pick up will normally be at the Infirmary/Beaver Cross Office Building.
    • If you pick up before 5:00-5:30 we may in a different part of Christ the King playing a game or going for a walk. In that event, we will leave a note at our base location for the day saying where we are so that you can easily find your child.


After School Program vacancies available

Contact Kaitlyn Hyde at (518) 692 9550 ex. 114


Click here for our 2018/2049 calendar