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June 2021 Update from the Executive Director

June 2021 Update 2

Update June 2021

An update from the Executive Director:

Dear Friends of Christ the King Center,

Christ the King Center is open and ready for ministry! Not that we ever completely paused our ministry- but we were obviously (and understandably) limited in ways we could offer hospitality. Now we are ready to resume the things we were forced to lay aside- most notably, the ability to support local ministries and congregations by hosting retreats and conferences. Who among us is not in need of some spiritual renewal, after the ordeal we have been through? Who among us does not long to gather once again around a campfire, around a prepared meal, or around the Lord’s Table and the preaching of His Word?

Our ministry exists because God has chosen to meet people in specials ways- for healing, for renewal, for formation- in places and times that are set apart for those things. Christ the King Center is one of those places, and I hope that you will make the time to sign up for a retreat, or plan one for your ministry or family group. We are open for individuals, households, ministry groups and churches for day events or overnight retreats. I hope you take the opportunity to Rest, Renew, and Find Peace.



Reuben Todd