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September 2020 Update from the Executive Director

September 2020 Update website

COVID Update September 2020

An update from the Executive Director:

Dear Friends of Christ the King Center,

While many things around our world seem to be unraveling, it is good to be reminded that God is in control. He still makes the sun sparkle on the frosty mornings, and sets the contrast of the evergreen against the colorful fall foliage. He brings the harvest now, and he will bring the winter snow before we know it.

Christ the King Center is the perfect place to get away from your daily life, and set some time to reset your thinking to God’s perspective. We are open for individuals, households, and small groups to spend the night, or just for the day. We have new protocols in the dining hall, and have made appropriate changes to our housekeeping routines for the times. Our prayer teams are still available for personal prayer appointments, and we have resumed our regular Tuesday healing services. The grounds are just as beautiful as you remember them, and the weather is perfectly seasonable. The trails are ready to explore; the disc golf course is waiting to enjoy.

With all that going for us, we have many open rooms for the next few months that are cleaned, sanitized, and ready for your check-in. I hope you take the opportunity this fall to Rest, Renew, and Find Peace.


Reuben Todd