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Spiritual Formation Seminar: Grace and Your Calling

spiritual formation seminar

Spiritual Formation Webinar

Saturday, November 21, 2020 | 9:00a.m.-12:30p.m.


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A reprise of the first in a four-part webinar series with


Dr. Brian Fast, CCAHope

Christ the King Center welcomes back Dr. Brian Fast for a reprise of the first in his popular Spiritual Formation Series.  Grace and Your Calling, covers the following:

  • Grace: How does the spiritual life start? What is spiritual formation? Why is grace “amazing”? And how do we regain and stay amazed by grace all our lives?
  • Relational implications of being made in “the image of God”. If God is primarily relational – if there is a Relationship at the center of the universe characterized by the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in other-focused, self-sacrificial, unconditional love – then reflecting or “imaging” Him on earth must have something to do with relating to others the way He relates. A significant implication for our understanding of spiritual formation is that it must be primarily relational formation. So we ask the question: what has God done to make it possible for us to relate with each other the way God relates to us and within Himself? The practical implications are far reaching. We will consult Scripture and authors such as Larry Crabb, Richard Rhor &CS Lewis).
  • The above has special implications for spiritual leaders who are often vulnerable to putting more energy into loving the church or their ministry more than they do their spouses or closest family and friends. But this can change. The ultimate success of our ministry will be in direct proportion to the intimacy (health) of our closest relationships.