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Mighty to Save Women's Retreat Agenda

Mighty to Save Women's Retreat Agenda

Friday, February 21               

2:00 p.m.        Registration begins:  Early arrival is encouraged.  Please take advantage of our beautiful campus for hiking, cross country skiing or simply enjoying some quiet time on your own or with the Lord.  The official retreat prayer room in the Chapel of St. Michael and All Angels will be available as will The Healing Ministry Chapel and prayer rooms.

2-6:30 p.m.    Marketplace/Ministry Fair    

5:00 p.m.        Dinner 

6:30 p.m.        Welcome & Worship 

7:00 p.m.        Session 1 w/Beth Coppedge

7:45 p.m.        Small Group/Social time 

Saturday, February 22

7:30 a.m.        Breakfast (for those staying on campus) 

8:30 a.m.        Worship Chapel of St. Michael & All Angels

8:45 a.m.        Session 2 w/Cricket Albertson

9:30 a.m.        Small Group Time

10:00 a.m.      Break

10:15 a.m.      Break outs:  There will be four breakout sessions.  You will be required to sign up for the breakout of your choice when you register. (BREAKOUT DETAILS)

11:00 a.m.      Free time:  Use this time for quiet reflection and prayer or fellowship and group discussion.  You choose what will suit you best for this time.  If you haven't already, be sure to visit the retreat prayer room just off the Chapel of St. Michael and All Angels.

12:00 p.m.      Lunch Trinity Dining Room

1:00 p.m.        Session 3 w/Cricket Albertson 

1:45 p.m.        Small Group Time

2:15 p.m.        Break

2:30 p.m.        Worship

2:45 p.m.        Keynote w/Beth Coppedge
A freewill offering will be taken at the end of this session in support of Beth, Cricket and their ministry in gratitude for bringing the Word to us so powerfully.

3:45 p.m.        Go forth into the world to love and serve the Lord

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